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  • triyoga Unit 2, 10 Cygnet Street, London E1 6GW London United Kingdom (map)

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Big city life getting you down? Finding everything is a bit too serious? Work, taxes, relationships, politics, media - stuff. You turn to your yoga practice for respite and even then the discipline and effort required to maintain it sometimes becomes as much of a burden. Too much, too much. 

As adults we often forget to play. That maybe it's important. Too much focus on achieving doesn't leave much space for doing anything for no reason.

Mastery in any discipline requires a serious amount of messing around. Doodling, fiddling, making mistakes, falling over, giggling, getting up.

Did you forget? That there may be a choice?

Maybe it was supposed to be FUN?!

Come and rediscover the spirit of lila (play) in your practice. There will be jumping, tunes, chanting, shouting, kicking, screaming, snorting, guffawing, flipping, farting, umming, ahhing, omming and eeeeing. 

All of this will be incorporated within the structure of a very serious vinyasa practice.

There may be jokes, (not very good ones).

This workshop will be very hard work. Open to anyone game for a giggle.