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Yogi. Teacher. Student.

A native Londoner, Aram teaches locally and internationally to students and practitioners from all walks of life.

Teaching a fun, uplifting style of Astanga vinyasa-krama. A keen student of philosophy, psychology, anthropology and anatomy, he seeks to pass on the spiritual essence of Yoga through a powerful physical practice, deep conscious breath-work and meditation. Classes are infused with music, touch and an unmistakeable sense of humour.

The practice is dynamic, challenging and all inclusive. His nature is generous, encouraging and he seeks to help all students to harness their deeper potential.

Yoga for upliftment!


Aram is eternally grateful to many great influences in his life. His long term teacher and friend Stewart Gilchrist, Doug Swenson, Yogacharya Krishnamacharya, BKS Iyengar, Desikachar, Carlos Villanueva-Brandt, Alan Watts, Terry Gilliam, Bob Marley, J. Krishnamurti, Richard Pryor, Ramana Maharshi and more.